1.1 The Little Ayy That Could

Let’s start with an explanation of the challenge:


The basic idea is that I control a single “Torch Holder” from Young Adult on. The rest of the household is entirely autonomous. The fun part is that my score changes based on their various failures.

Anyways, let’s get this show on the road. As our founding member, I give you Adelaide Little, The totally, completely, absolutely 100% not-an-alien sim.

08-21-15_12-15 AM-2

“This is normal sim clothes, yes?”

She’s a little clumsy, a little insane (Or at least she seems that way to other sims due to cultural differences between Simerica and Sixam Russim), and her translator may be barely functional, but she’s good at heart. Why just look at her goals! To be Public Enemy #1!

Wait what?


We set her down in Pebble Borough, a modest lot in Oasis Springs, and try and get some answers.

08-21-15_12-29 AM-2

“Is, What phrase…Tough Love! Biggest cause of growth is conflict. Modern sim too placid, need push!”

…And so, We send Adelaide off to…be a generally nasty person.

The first victim is Mortimer Goth.

08-21-15_12-31 AM-2

“I’m sorry, but your wife is dead. She said she loved you…Just kidding! I’ve never met your wife. Now go make sweet love to wife, now that you realize how terrible is loss!”

But wait! you aren’t in disguise! He know’s you’re an alien!

08-21-15_12-32 AM-2

“There is no beautiful funny wonderful blue girl here. Nope, Nosiree, go about your day fellow perfectly normal sim!”

And just like that, Mortimer forgot the poignant lesson Adelaide was trying to teach. But the oncoming tragedies of the Goth family our not our focus!

08-21-15_12-35 AM-2

“No one interesting here! Nope, just a normal Sim”

Now let’s try that again, shall we?

"Boo! Now embarrassment make you be more aware of surroundings. Might save life, even if hate me."

“Boo! Now embarrassment make you be more aware of surroundings. Might save life, even if hate me.”

Much better, I think…

"How did ruining people's day to give them life lessons seem like a good idea?"

“How did ruining people’s day to give them life lessons seem like a good idea?”

After performing similar acts of kindness disguised as cruelty, it was finally time to find a job. Maybe she would find a more suitable career for her personality, like writer, or scientist, or-

08-21-15_9-02 AM

“Tough Gal: Protect innocent people by intimidating them into staying away from dangerous individuals? Is perfect!”

Oh dear.

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