1.3 Daily Life of Gavin

Having moved in with the alien girlfriend he met yesterday, Gavin wasted no time in establishing a “day off routine”.

It should be noted that Gavin is in the writer’s Career, and is an aspiring author.


He does not merely play games.


He plays a game for maybe 20 sim minutes…


Before switching to a different one, or chatting!


On the bright side, his girlfriend can pull him away from gaming!


“Baby time now.”

To make babies.


Spolers: He makes it just in time.

And then, we had our first fail scare.

The next morning, Gavin did something.

Something previous ISBI’s had trained me to think of as an uncommon event.

08-21-15_5-05 PM

“Fiiiine I can play games later….”

Gavin went to work. Which is good, because he makes like $260ish, when Adelaide only makes $93. After being promoted once.

And to round out this update:

"Praise Rehctaw! A child!"

“Praise Rehctaw! A child!”

Adelaide is pregnant.


“Is like they want this to be trivial to enter! So sad.”

Adelaide enjoys finding the weaknesses in other people’s programming, and then leaving a friendly message on how they can do better next time. (While also taking a small fee for the service. She has to augment her income somehow!)


On the one hand, I feel for him, cause they’ve known each other for like two days, but….

That is not a good reaction to finding out your girlfriend is pregnant.


[Smooth Gavin, Smooth! She totally didn’t see your despair!]

Neither is politely clapping a good recover for the previous face.

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